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Ella Nitters

About me


I am a medical, scientific & creative illustrator from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. With an interest in both art and science, I have developed a versatile background and hold an MSc degree in Industrial Design Engineering, a BA degree in Illustration and a MA degree in Scientific Illustration. I maintain two divisions for my work: "Visual Art" for creative illustration & "Medical Art" for medical and scientific illustration.

Medical & Scientific illustration

As a medical illustrator I use my thoroughly built craftsmanship to bring across subjects in (bio)medical science. The added value of scientific illustration lies in the ability to focus only on the relevant information and leave out distracting or unimportant elements. In addition, scientific precision, clarity and esthetic quality are important ingredients. Through studying extensively I acquired an analytical mindset, highlevel drawing skills, design skills, creativity, anatomical knowledge, and experience with dissection & observing surgery in the OR.

Creative illustration

In the creative field I make editorial & commercial illustrations, cover illustrations (for magazines, books & albums), murals and self-initiated work. My work in general is characterised by fine detailed drawing skills, subtlety and lightness. Sometimes with a certain eeriness or unease, and sometimes more chique. Depending on the application I either use highly detailed, fine realism (see for example the cover illustrations for ABN Amro), or work slightly more artistic & sketchy (see the Hibakusha cover or the Animal Column illustrations).

Hire me

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I first studied Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft, where analytical thinking and a systematic work process is required and taught. As an Industrial Designer the needs and desires of your target group are central, rather than your own “creative soul”.

When I decided that drawing was the talent for me to put in action, I went on to study Illustration at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. As an artist, suddenly, it’s “all about you”: you are encouraged to develop your own style and your interests, passions and fascinations become the core drive for the work you create. During these years, anatomy, which has always fascinated me, became my main subject.

After several years of working as a fulltime creative illustrator and set designer I decided to pursue the Master Scientific Illustration program to further explore my fascination for anatomy, which I finished in june 2017. Being a scientific illustrator allows me to follow my passions while at the same time serving a practical purpose with my work and use my analytical side. On top of that, my detailed and realistic drawing skills can be put to perfect use in this field.

The experiences during these various study programs and my years as a freelance illustrator and designer have been very enriching and I am happy I can now call myself a medical illustrator as well as a creative illustrator.


2012 - 2017 - Master Scientific Illustration, Academy of Fine Arts & Design, Maastricht (Master of Art).
2003 - 2008 - Illustration, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam (Bachelor of Art).
1994 - 2001 - Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology, Delft (Master of Science).

Additional courses

2013 - Summer course in "Physical Anthropology", theory & skeleton workshop (determination of sex and age).
2013 - Workshop "Reconstruction of Soft Facial Parts" (facial reconstruction for a forensic cold case).
1998 - 2003 Various Life Figure drawing, painting & sculpting courses


2018 - World Illustration Award for "Micorsurgery of a Rat", New Talent winner in the category "Research".
2015 - Grand Prix Content Marketing - "Best Cover concept" for the Financial Focus cover series.
2011 - Blend Publicity Award for "Le Lapin Fou".


2018 - World Illustration Awards, Somerset House, London
2016 - Living Rooms, Enter through the Bookshop, Dutch Design Week, Boekhandel van Piere, Eindhoven
2015 - Living Rooms, WUNDERKAMERA OBSCURA - Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven
2015 - Living Rooms, WUNDERKAMERA OBSCURA - Kunstlijn, Haarlem
2014 - Codex2014 ENCYCLOPEDIA, Natural Sciences Museum, Brussels
2014 - De Biecht, Maaspodium, Rotterdam
2011 - Kunst in de Kast, Bibliotheek Rotterdam
2010 - Blaak10 Kerststore, Rotterdam
2010 - WeekendWinkel, Huis a/d Werf, Utrecht
2009 - A Book About Death, The Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery, New York
2009 - Episodes, Bootleg DJ Cafe, Rotterdam
2008 - Las Palmas, Rotterdam

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