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Projects by Ella Nitters

The flesh is at the heart of the world.”

Maurice Merleau-Ponty (French philosopher, 1908–1961)

Esser Masterclass

Hand surgery illustrations for the department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery at Erasmus MC, Rotterdam.

Hip Replacement Surgery

Anterior Supine Intermuscular approach (ASI) .

Acetabular exposure
Hip joint (os coxae & femur)

Client: Master Thesis MSI/Dr. Stephan Vehmeijer

Microsurgery of a Rat

Technique: carbon dust, graphite pencil & digital colouring

Award: World Illustration Award 2018, Research category, New Talent Winner


Watercolour of a dissection of an arm with focus on the Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex.

Adrenal Adenoma Enucleation

Some steps of an Adrenal Adenoma Enucleation.

Client: Dr. Hao Yan, Xuanwu Hospital, Beijing


Some steps of a PLIF surgery (Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion) for a brochure.

Client: Orthog├Ęse